Breakdown | Sydney

The van refused once again to start its merry musings and melodies that see me from A to somewhere-in-between – it stood silent against the icy winds. Up here I was lucky enough to get phone reception and called for a tow, the obligatory road side insurance sign up on day two of this journey was now paying for itself. Bunk went into town for critical supplies, upon his return we ate egg and bacon sandwiches (he was given a strange look by the small town vendor when upon request asked for no bacon in mine) and drank hot tea whilst waiting for the roving mechanic to arrive. This happened and I received another quizzical comment on the nature of the problem and an offer of tow, this time accepted and was driven to the quiet Akubra toting town of Crookwell, New South Wales.

No one knew of the problem, the mechanic cleaned and checked a handful of wires entering the metal bulk of the engine and things seemed to be working, hooray, but a wary hooray as he was still confused as to what the problem actually was. After a night in a nearby town I moved on toward Sydney.

I was on my way to see Caterina, a beautiful yoga instructor whom I spent time with at the Grove Gathering earlier this month, we enjoyed dinners, movies and shows mostly around Newtown. What I am finding most interesting about this girl is that we clash big time, our presence to each other seems to inflame the ego mind, its self-aggrandizement creating frustration in the other. Another thing, something that I admire, is our no beating around the bush attitude to each other, I had stayed with her for a week and it felt like I had been there a lot longer, through fair but sometimes heated discussion we cut through the layer of bullshit that usually surrounds new lovers. I felt at home and it was a pleasure to be of service to her while she was working and studying, I was a listener, cook, cleaner, dog sitter, and just had a drive to support and serve – a strange feeling as I consider my normal attitude to be selfish.

While staying I had the van problem investigated after another ‘setback’ down a busy Sydney street, eventually, after a referral I have a new battery and two new electronic relays. Coincidentally the van has surprised me with a new feature, automatic central locking upon ignition, could this somehow be related to the engine problems?

I spent last weekend in Canberra at work, I can not say much as to this experience other than thick plumes of steam coming from my mouth each shockingly cold morning, The locals tell me these are warm nights. To counter this I invested in some ultra thick fleecy socks, wearing them I feel as though my feet are continuously caressed by 500 ducklings and 500 kittens, but fear not, none of which were used nor consulted in the making of these socks.

The two nights prior to today found me in a camping area along the Abercrombie River, the site is stunning – casuarinas shade vibrant grassy clearings, small roads and tracks scattered with smooth round river rocks gently bisect camp grounds. A rope swing hangs with unused stillness over the water, this being held no interest in going for a swim after such a cold night. There are a number of fire pits, I can see that this place would be quite popular during a sunny weekend. I put this in the dusty warehouse of memories to revisit if ever back this way in the warmer months.




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