Mum | Sydney | The Grove

It was nice to see Mum again, this lady who bore the fruit of which I call myself unto the world was looking healthy and happy. She and my step father, Monty, lived in a beautiful township called West Haven situated about 2 hours north of Newcastle. The whole area had a resort like feel with a lush green mountain backing salt water lakes and rivers branching into the open ocean, dolphins played around the moored boats while schools of stingray danced their slow underwater dance below a bridge. Mum and Mont lived in a retirement village overlooking one such lake, their large stained timber veranda giving view through grand eucalyptus onto a vast salt water plain. Our afternoons were spent taking in the sunset colours reflecting on the water and marvelling at the grace of pelicans coming in to land.


Monty’s 90th birthday party was on a boat cruising down the river, his family all came up to celebrate with him and the boat was full of relatives, neighbours and local friends. Growing up I had never quite felt comfortable around that family but as a child I had little choice as to who I spent my time with. For the few hours spent with these folk I observed that there had been little change in personality or communication style as observed from my youth, a strange strange experience as the last few years myself, my friends and lovers had gone through immense and obvious changes. Perhaps this vanilla personality is what people, including myself put up as a front in the event of uncertain social situations and perhaps I needed to spend more time in their company to understand this observation more.

The next few days I simply hung out with Mum, it was good to just be with her without having to worry about work or other distractions. We still have a lot to work out to smooth over our rocky past however the time is not yet right to have such a deep conversation, this is something I greatly desire so I must be conscious not to push but to just allow this to happen if it’s to be.


My next destination was to Sydney, I was due to hang out with Caterina whom I met and had dinner with before I journeyed to West Haven, on the way I planned and found a nice spot to camp for a few days along the way. This place was called Ferny Creek, the rough, rocky and wet track inwards saw me testing some areas on foot before braving the wheel-ed steed through the muddy portions of the path. The remote location of the camp was always worth it to one who wishes peace and quiet, I had not a soul pass by during my two days and spent it reading, writing and meditating by a warm and blazing fire.

It was a Thursday when I navigated the van through the streets of northern Sydney with direction of Newtown, I met Caterina briefly at Lentils before she had a yoga class to run – her passion for yoga as a healing modality was apparent as she told me the story of her recovery from physical injury learning this ancient craft, she had then gone on to become a Jivamukti Yoga instructor and runs regular workshops in Sydney. We got take away and went back to hers to meet her hilariously enlightened canine companion Jimmaco, the shiatsu cross ewok.


The next day we both set out for The Grove, there was a gathering set for the long weekend and I was excited to return to such a beautiful place, this time I would not be the only one in the campsite. We were one of the first few to arrive, the evening was quiet and I seized the opportunity for rest. The days to follow were beautiful, it reminded me of the festival in the hills of Omeo a few weeks prior. I engaged in Sanskrit workshops, pizza oven creation, canoe rides down the creek, dancing, singing and passionate murder mystery games.


It has been two months of adventurous travel and finally I have the possibility of employment – liaison with a prospective employer, also an old colleague, was underway to find out what dates were best for me to drive the three hours down to Canberra to generate some numbers in my bank account.

I patiently bode time until a reply with confirmation. In such I hung out with Caterina, we get along well and have a lot of fun. Last night (at the time of this email) we went to a Hare Krishna ashram in the city and sung kirtan with some of her old friends, high energies generated and a delicious meal was afterward shared. Today I took part in a Jivamukti yoga class, my very first instructed yoga session – intense. Afterward we ravenously consumed curry and potatoes at Lentil As Anything, met a fellow instructor and as I sit here and write this journal the two are brainstorming ideas on creating their own yoga classes and traditions, I passively enjoy the back and forth negotiation and the excitement of new prospects.


Tomorrow morning I fly with four wheels to the capital to work, yes – work. Wish me well.

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