For friends who have just joined this mailing group you will read an open record of my adventures and thoughts as I make my way around Australia in a van. I write this as a sharing but also to dissolve blockages within my being, the fear of vulnerability prevents great strength and to open myself up allows growth.

The past weekend has been spent in Melbourne, meeting with family and friends, sharing beautiful meals and most stimulating company. I express my gratitude towards my aunty and uncle who have challenged my actions, ideals and bullshit however subtle it may be (even to myself).

To the others, Deb and Liesl who just open my heart wide, to Ky always with deep wisdom, to my dear grandmother, to Dan and Beck, Sharon and Duane, Chris and Ateera – spending time with you has been so joyous.

Several years ago there was much darkness inside me and seeing family felt like a chore, I was irritated, distracted and these encounters led me to further isolate myself, to run away. I notice that the deep loving kindness from the family has not changed, what has are the blocks and walls within my being and I see the beauty of such loving relationships. These people have always loved me and cared for me even though I brushed it off as an angry young man, I cry as I see with clarity what has always been. What we see as difficult personal encounters is an opportunity to let go of the egoic mind and let the sharing, caring, loving being that you are (that everybody is) shine through as our natural state.

Today is Monday, I go to have the auxiliary electrics looked at as the fridge doesn’t seem to like running overnight, researching this appears to be either an internal fridge circuit fuse or battery quality problem. If (here’s hoping) the problem can be resolved by today then I’m off to Wilsons Promontory for a week of adventure before some planned work the following Monday.


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