Great Ocean Road

Monday I crossed the SA – VIC border, after driving for most of the day I found a nice secluded pine forest road. This place was beautiful, just near the van was the steep side of the extensive plateau that made up the forest, I could sit on the start of the slope and quietly gaze over the lush green eucalypt side of the bush, the Currawongs made sweet music as they danced around the trees in an evening gathering.

I awoke to a beautiful temperate forest and took a long time to wake up, appreciating the woods from an open van. I was feeling amazing but in the background was this desire to rush, to spend more time along the Great Ocean Road before Melbourne so I packed up and got behind the wheel.

The start of this road saw me in awe of the eroded cliffs and rock formations around Port Campbell and of course the Twelve Apostles, which was majestic but full of tourists so not high on my ‘desire to hang around’ list. My resting place for Tuesday evening was not far out of Lavers Hill on the top of a long steep winding road.

The campsite find was great and I’m learning to trust my intuition and simply turn down a track that feels right to me. I arrived at a service road on a young eucalypt plantation, again very beautiful. I set up then packed a small bag for a walk.

I wanted to find a nice spot to sit down in the bush, a small clearing so I could have a picnic and relax away from the van, however the once wide and smooth path gave way to thick undergrowth and I decided to go back. Walking up the path looking absently at my feet a double heart beat ‘watch where you’re going’ feeling kicked in and I looked up, not two metres from me was a large (1.5m) snake crossing the road, it looked silvery brown (will research later) and we both froze, both seemingly wide eyed, it’s head had flattened and was turned towards me, I took 5 ultra large paces backwards and stopped not wanting to seem like I was running away but prepared to do so at an instant – I guess the snake felt the same as it moved ever so slowly toward its destination before snapping around and crashing through the bush at high speed, sticks breaking and tall grass rustling in its wake. Needless to say I went straight to the van and lay down to taper off my stomping heart.

I had a small fire and made partially successful toasties then slept marvellously.

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