Mount Gambier

Mount Gambier is rather lucrative, I called by the Uniting Church and received enough food for a week, a $20 Coles gift card and a shower and shave. All up I have spent $26 on food since leaving Adelaide, I never know what future experiences of this sort will be like but so far I have been eating very well for next to nothing.

Last night’s camp was a lot of fun, I felt completely free in the middle of nowhere with everything I could need or want. After setting up I climbed over the large wooden stockyard fencing to watch the sunset and then something happened – I was taken back to my life on the farm as a young boy, my eyes widened as I ran along the runs singing and dancing then in the reminisce of my youth I picked up a piece of a branch, held it like a pistol and had a shootout with imaginary bad guys like I had done so long ago, the imagination ran wild and I had such a wicked grin and joy in my being.

I’m passing on the Grampians for now to spend more time down the Great Ocean Road, I have to be in Melbourne by Thursday evening which means I have to create deadlines for the next few days of experience, guess I have to have adult responsibilities throughout this journey from time to time. Given, I am greatly looking forward to seeing beautiful friends and family.

I imagined that I would be writing and sending these journal entries once a week but really, I can’t get enough, I love sending these to you and love the reinforcement I get, whether it’s in a reply or just a thought and a smile I am grateful of you reading words oh so true.


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