I left Mannum around midday yesterday and called by Bunnings, Murray Bridge to get some planks of wood for shelving (the pros call it ‘lumber’ as I discovered), I splurged a bit (it’s Bunnings you know) and also got what I thought to be a jet lighter attachment for my butane gas canisters, turns out it is a giant flame thrower so I’m going to have some fun with the next camp fire.

The sun was going down and I was still on the road, I found a nice rest stop at Meningie already occupied by a few other vans which seems to be a good indicator that it’s OK to camp at a place. Spoke to some Swiss girls in a Wicked Van on their way back to Adelaide, watched the sunset over Lake Albert and made a nice vege stir fry dinner. Clean, fed and happy.

The next morning I woke early and prepared to leave, I met a grey nomad who, back in the 60’s was the drill instructor for my drill instructor in the RAAF, small country. I drove and I drove, stopped here and there for a nap or for lunch, and have settled about 50km (I’m making this number up) South East of Robe next to an old cattle stockyard and what ho, there is mobile data reception! So beloved readers, this entry can reach you straight from the presses.

Tomorrow I’m heading to Mount Gambier to pick up a bicycle rack number plate and see if I can wrangle some free food from a Foodbank or community centre. Speaking of free food, an apple tree waved at me as I was driving down the road so I turned back and found it to be laden with delicious sweet juicy apples.

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