Leaving the murray

Yesterday was the last night at the first camp, this place is amazing and I have such a luxury of ablutions and a post-Easter silence, although as I type this the weekend is about to start and I’ve noticed a few water ski boats this afternoon. This morning is a good time to head South-East and oh, I’ve just realised that I have ten days before I have to work which is on the other side of Melbourne, time flies. I am currently enjoying free wifi as my laundry washes, am back in Mannum again, but only for a short time.

The big lesson with camping so far is to set up AFTER finding out where the sun will be so that the solar can find those beautiful rays of sunshine, I am happy to have gone with a larger panel (160W) as even with that I experienced a few power outages and warm fridge items – anything less just would not work out.

I see now that I was quite clouded in mind earlier this week and it has taken the peaceful riverside camp to get back to normal, to present awareness. Perhaps the strong desire to get out of Adelaide and into freedom created an adverse effect, the passion to remove myself from a situation is not the answer, instead I can be passionate about where I am, right now, regardless of the experience. As my teacher might say “Love It All”.

Has been six days since an actual shower, I wash with moist wipes and have had a decent scrub in the river – I’m sure the houseboat residents enjoyed the show. I don’t feel dirty or believe that I smell so my initial concern about this was unfounded, none the less I’m on the lookout and might see if I can use the local caravan park showers.


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