Post Breakdown | Murray River

I am back on the road now, and happily at a riverside camp, the events over the last few days were difficult both internally and externally. I feel a little cheated at having to part with a large amount of money to simply get back where I started from, the rational answer telling me it was a good thing for this to happen at the start is of little comfort. None the less, I am here, it is now.

After calling the RAA, signing up a new account and being towed to Cambrai I had a rather nice sleep in the mechanics car park and managed to fill up my drinking and washing water tanks from behind his workshop. His son, Adam came to pick me up after organising for the van to be repaired at Mannum, I enjoyed the discussion on the way and it taught me that although someone may come from a tiny country town it doesn’t mean they lack the ability to communicate, I remind myself not to fall prey to internal stereotyping.

I spent the Tuesday night in Mannum, camped in another workshop car park, the demon of worry stomping through my mind, I sought distraction to remove time from my attention to get it over with and then get back on the road. By early Wednesday afternoon I had my bum in the driver’s seat and was cruising out of Mannum – enroute back to the original camp. Alas my difficult circumstances had not yet dissolved from experience and as I made way along a sealed country road I heard a loud thump and the sound of metal grating against asphalt, frustration gave way to anger. I pulled over quickly and jumped out to discover that the brace for which holds the spare tyre under the van had – somehow – unscrewed itself and was dragging along the ground. The mind was full of blame “those mechanics, how dare they tamper with my vehicle, how can they be so unprofessional?!” it said. Trying to distance myself from this chatter I secured the spare tyre back in place and kept driving.

It is Thursday and I now look upon those events minus emotional attachment, to aim to see these happenings as a learning experience allows me to be more present in the future. To have my frustrations tested so strongly and so early into the trip was a real challenge, I went through disheartenment, anger, jealousy and fear. Although on the scale of experience this would be a small event considering ‘what’ can happen it is extremely beneficial for observance and practice of what I can be like when things do not go my (ego’s) way.

Today I witnessed a giant paddle steamer go by, in its wake were 30 odd pelicans flying and swimming to keep up, was too slow to get a photo but what a sight to see!


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