Goodbye Adelaide | The Breakdown

Yesterday was the first day out of the city, I said goodbye to my beloved teacher and set out for a campsite on the Murray River. The mind wanted to cling to emotional times like these and although to feel is a beautiful thing, it, like everything can be overdone. The joy that was shared with friends in the week prior was so beautiful, this love generated from within then shared is such a powerful experience. The mind wanted to cling to this and as condensed suburbia gave way to sporadic farms I felt, well actually the mind wanted to feel more of this potential sadness of separation so it strove to reminisce events and conjure unreal circumstances to continue this feeling.

This morning it was cold, I lit the candle heater to try and get some warmth in and dove further under the quilt, I slept in late and thought of what to do during the day. After breakfast was finished I went to put on boots to hike up a hill and investigate some caves I saw the day before. Hmm, where were those boots? I searched the van, nothing, I had left them back in Adelaide. Being good boots I decided to take the 4 hour round trip to fetch them, there went the day.

Challenge number two hit hard, I was 10 minutes away from the campsite when the engine temperature gauge showed overheating, I pulled over and let it cool. The coolant reservoir was full, what could be the problem? I filled it further and drove 50 metres down the road, still heating up too quickly. I decided to be a last minute member of the RAA who I’m sure delighted at the extravagant sign up cost, they sent out a mechanic and his son who confirmed that there was a fast coolant leak and I would have to have a trailer ride to the nearest town, his home – Cambrai.

The local mechanic in Cambrai, was at his shop when we pulled in, he was a rough old man with (I’m sure to his irritation) a partial comb over haircut, dancing in the wind. This gentleman refused to look at the vehicle due to his high workload and impending vacation so the RAA mechanic and son dropped me off near their home for me to stay the night and await further information. The other son would make a few phone calls in the morning as to where and how I can get this fixed.

I feel quite fine about this situation for how could there be any other way? The egoic mind can throw up all kinds of shoulds, coulds, and woulds, then scream and shout its way to a stressful existence. In totality, I have plenty of time and I get to explore a small town (Cambrai has a population of about 85). There has and will be financial cost to this challenge but if this is how it is, that percentage of money in some way was destined to be used on this.


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