The First Entry

This is the first entry.

I have been living out of my van for just under a week and am feeling good, this week, the final week has been a tying up of loose ends, a farewell to beautiful friends and an organising to liveable trends. I seem to be driving long distances through the city of Adelaide, resting by parks and beaches and making use of the city’s public amenities.

Since emptying my previous abode and working the bare necessary possessions into the van I have felt a great freedom, there is a dropping of the attachment that was hanging around like a dark cloud, the fear of judgement and humiliation that had prevented action and speech within me has left, once contributed to by that dwelling or perhaps to a reluctance to explore and break free. Either way the belief structure that I ‘should be afraid’ has been broken and transformed into something beautiful.

The last few days I have been receiving cues to slow down, despite the populated daily calendar. When I find myself furiously rushing to create space in the van or getting somewhere on time I stub on something or bump my head, a painful reminder to pay attention and take my time which I have had to repeat every day – we humans are sometimes slow learners.

Three days from now is my scheduled day for leaving Adelaide and travelling East. I would like to stay by the Murray River for a night or two before heading towards the Coorong, but who knows. Ah it is such a pleasure to be completely open to direction and event, infinite possibilities abound.


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